Fall in love with your writing again during an academic writing retreat to stimulate the senses and engage your soul.

 Museo de Arqueología. Mérida, Yucatán.

Museo de Arqueología. Mérida, Yucatán.

why retreat?

Reconnect to yourself and your writing with retreats designed to give you structured time to make significant progress on your writing project. We write together in community to create a safe environment of support. I've also designed them to give you unstructured time to engage with inspiring places full of culture and history. Along with writing, I design retreats with creative inquiry and ethical travel in mind to create a meaningful and inspiring experience. My retreats not only provide people time and space to write on their personal writing projects, but also an opportunity for authentic engagement with a place.

What You'll Gain

  • Renewal: A renewed relationship with yourself and your writing
  • Support and connection: you'll have a built-supportive group of people to write with 
  • Perspective: new environments and experiences often provide new perspectives and ideas that you can use in your writing
  • Sustainable practice:  a set of strategies you can take home to sustain and nourish your own writing practice.

Who should retreat: 

  • you crave uninterrupted time to write
  • thrive in an atmosphere of community support.
  • love to travel, explore, and take creative risk

You'll get:

  • A small group of like-minded fellow academic writers
  • A beautiful, private, and quiet place to write
  • Access to onsite writing coaching
  • Structured writing time to get stuff done
  • Unstructured time to explore your surroundings
  • Discussion and reflection sessions for accountability and goal setting.

(Please note that some retreats are gender-specific.)

2018-2019 Retreat Dates

  • July 22-28, 2018: Academic Women's Writing Retreat [ Open for registration--6 spaces remaining]
  • January 2-7, 2019, Merida, Yucatan: Snowbird Writing Retreat
  • March XX-XX, 2019, (Spring Break) Merida Yucatan: Primavera Writing Intensive
  • June XX-XX, 2019, Antigua, Guatemala: Summer Writing Institute
  • July XX-XX, 2019, Antigua, Guatemala: Summer Writing Institute II

Ready to book your retreat?

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