Feeling stuck with your writing? Do you find yourself mired in a vicious cycle of perfectionism? Having trouble sticking to a writing schedule? Chronic procrastination followed by binge writing and panic? Paralyzed by shame?

You're not alone.

Here's the truth: you've got everything you need to solve your writing problems within you right now. But sometimes it can be hard to see the solutions to your writing problems when you're in the soup.

It’s okay to ask for support. I can help support you in all the parts of writing that aren't actually about writing.  Writing support can help you identify what's getting in the way of being the productive writer you want to be and use your own creativity and ingenuity to help move you forward. 

Some of the things we can work on include:

  • Creating a writing schedule that you can stick to

  • Making writing more social through accountability check-ins

  • Working through emotional road blocks, especially the kind in which the shame and fear gremlins show up

  • Breaking through writer's block and getting words flowing again

  • Prioritizing your own creative goals and making a plan to get there made up of small, concrete steps

  • Understanding your triggers that lead to either procrastination or shame and fear cycles

  • Creating an emotional support network to decrease isolation and loneliness and increase productivity

  • Decreasing stress and increasing (dare I say it?) joy in your writing

  • Coping with rejection and deconstructive criticism

  • Achieving greater focus and clarity in your writing

  • Getting back into writing and re-igniting creativity after loss, grief, or trauma

Benefits of writing support:

  • More positivity and joy in your writing and work

  • Increased self-sufficiency and problem-solving skills

  • Taking more responsibility for your writing through directed action

  • More writing accomplished!


My writing support Philosophy

Here's what I absolutely believe: your relationship to your writing reflects the quality of the relationship you're having with yourself. 

Most of the time, when your writing practice starts skidding off the rails, there's something else going on, something deeper than just your writing.  Writing support isn't therapy--it's a series of questions designed to challenge your thinking and help you see problems in a new way. Most of all, I want to help you get out of your own way so that you can become the writer you want to be. I meet you where you are in your writing process and work with you to figure out where you want to go and make a plan to get there. I support writers based on empowerment models that position people as the experts on their lives and writing. I'm most effective when I help clients discover their own strengths and resources that move them forward in the writing process. I absolutely believe in your abilities, ingenuity, and creativity to become the writer you want to be.

Ready to get started?

Writing support is most effective when we develop a relationship with each other based on trust and respect. I offer three, six, and twelve session writing support packages, as well as design custom writing support programs based on your needs.


Working With Me:

We'll figure out a time meet via video (Skype/Hangouts/Google Meet) and have an initial free 30 minute call to make sure that we're a good fit and team. If you decide that you want to work with me, you'll pick the writing support package that meets your needs and purchase. As coaching depends on relationship building, I only offer writing support as package deals. [I regret to say that I don't offer writing support sessions a la carte.] We'll schedule your support sessions and then get to work. We'll meet according to the schedule we set up together and start helping you achieve your writing goals.


Please note that writing coaching fees must be paid in full in advance and are non-refundable.

Writing Support Starter Package

Four 40 minute writing coaching sessions to be used within 8 weeks.

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Short Term Writing Support

Twelve 40 minute writing coaching sessions to be used within six months.

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Long Term Writing Support

Twenty-four 40 minute writing coaching sessions to be used within 12 months.

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Custom Coaching Packages:

Together we design a custom coaching program that suits you. Minimum three months. Ask for pricing details.