Photo credit: AK Photo, Denver

Photo credit: AK Photo, Denver


I'm an entrepreneur with a PhD in history. I own a small, independent writing business called the Mérida Collective Writing Project. I help academic writers get more writing done with less shame and greater joy.

I host writing retreats in Mexico and Guatemala to provide safe, collaborative spaces for writers to take creative risks in their work. I coach writers to help them use their own creativity and ingenuity to create strategies to reach their writing goals. I also provide academic editing services to scholars in the humanities.

Areas of Expertise

I speak and write about the following topics:

  • Latin American history
  • Guatemala, early 20th century to present
  • Adoption and adoption history
  • State violence against families and children
  • Neoliberalism
  • Trauma and victim advocacy
  • Writing processes
  • Study abroad and non-traditional learning
  • Transitioning from academia to self-employment
  • Creative risk and big life changes
  • Pseudo-science, eugenics history
  • Student debt



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