Mastermind groups are currently under development while I run one as a pilot project. If you're interested in joining a Creative Force Mastermind Group in the future, please add your name and email to the waiting list.

Join one of my Creative Force Mastermind Groups to achieve more together!

Growth. problem-solving. support. CREATIVITY. JOy.goals. ACHIEVEMENT.


Mastermind groups are an old concept with a new lease on life as powerful tools for small groups of people to work together to help members set goals, plan steps, and achieve success than they ever could alone. Writing is hard. But you don't have to do it alone.

I run small, exclusive Mastermind groups of no more than five writers that meet for 16 weeks. I call these groups Creative Force because that's exactly what people bring. Creative Force members show up, think outside of the box, offer support, and move everyone forward. I accept applications for Mastermind membership and handpick people with different talents and strengths who I think will be able to work together to help each other reach the stars. 


Creative Force Mastermind Groups are for you if:

  • you want consistent support over a period of months to finish big projects

  • crave accountability and structure

  • you're willing to give as much as receive

  • want to set more actionable goals and meet them consistently

  • can commit to a regular group for 16 weeks


What we'll do:

We'll meet for an hour and discuss:

  • What you've achieved since the last group meeting
  • What's working really well for you right now
  • What you're struggling with and how your fellow group members can help you.
  • What goals you intend to accomplish before the next meeting


In exchange for your commitment to your Creative Force Mastermind Group, YOU GET:

  • Regular weekly group members to set goals, foster accountability, get feedback, and plan
  • One-on-one monthly coaching meeting with me
  • Private social media/chat space to connect with group members
  • Writing feedback from me and other members (limited to 10 pages monthly)


Pricing: TBA


Ready to join?

When I receive your application, I'll review it and set up and appointment to talk with you to make sure that this is the right group for you.