Academic editing is a specific type of editing to help academics in any field with their writing. Academic editors help scholars craft the core written works at the heart of their disciplines, such as dissertations, theses, journal articles, conference papers, book manuscripts, grant proposals, and job documents.  At its most basic, academic editing can include proofreading for typos and ironing out grammar problems.  A good editor, however, can do much more than that. Working with an academic editor can teach you powerful strategies to help you convey your arguments and analysis in ways that are both effective and engaging.

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As an academic editor, I want to help you be the best writer you can be.

No matter what your skill level, working with an editor will improve your writing.  Writing is a skill, just like learning how to knit a scarf, make an omelet, or build a computer.  Very few among us are naturally gifted writers, but with sufficient time, help, and practice, I believe that anyone can learn to be an effective writer.

Starting at the most basic level, I can proofread your work for typos, grammar errors, and punctuation problems.  More extensive editing work involves helping you learn to write more effectively.  I can help you tackle bigger writing problems, like clarity, organization, and sentence structure.  I can also help you make your prose sharper, clearer, and more engaging.  On a macro level, I can help you with developmental editing, which involves more extensive restructuring and revision of your text.  I can help you recompose the arguments that fall apart, write conclusions that conclude something, and help you make it sound awesome in the process. My greatest goal is to help you learn to write in such a way that you can write clear, concise, and compelling academic prose with confidence.


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"By the time I was in the last phase of my dissertation revisions, I couldn't even see the typos, repetitive word use, and awkward sentences. Lisa made the final revision process painless. She found my typos, highlighted sentences that needed a little editing love, and made helpful suggestions for smoothing out the rough spots. I trust and value her writing advice."  --K.G., PhD

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