Presenting the #EditQs Twitter Chat!

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The marvelous Katie Rose Guest Pryal and I are launching a brand new Twitter chat this week! Using the hashtag #EditQs, we'll be answering YOUR writing questions on Thursday, January 14th at 1pm EST.

Never participated in a Twitter chat? It’s easy. Using your Twitter account (you’ve got one, right?), tweet us your question and be sure to include the hashtag #EditQs. We’ll answer as many questions as we can!

Want to learn more about why we’re doing this? Head over to Katie’s webpage to learn more about why we we thought that this kind of chat might help writers.


Why does anyone need another Twitter chat about writing?

There are lots of Twitter chats that deal with writing. Many focus on a particular topic or aspect of writing. There are chats about academic writing, chats about general writing, chats for editors, and chats for different kinds of writers. Lots of chats are focused on discussion and the exchange of ideas. Don’t get me wrong; these are great chats.

So what makes our chat different that other writing chats? We’re throwing caution to the wind and letting YOU pick what you want us to answer.  

We realized that there wasn’t a chat devoted to answering people’s writing questions in real time. As writing and editing people, we thought it would be useful (and fun!) to host a chat in which we answer YOUR questions. Sure, you could Google for the answers and writing tips, but we are more charming and fun.

Also, writing is way more fun when made social, so feel free to use our chat to network with people and schmooze some new writers!

What kinds of questions are you prepared to answer?

Katie and I both have different kinds of writing styles and experiences as writers, editors, and coaches. Some of the things that you might want to ask us include:

  • Citation (especially if it’s Chicago style)
  • Style guides
  • How to write an analytical topic sentence
  • If your main argument makes sense
  • How to do a lit review that doesn’t suck
  • Mysteries of developing your “voice” and style
  • How to properly use a semi-colon
  • The use of the singular “they”
  • How to organize your messy writing
  • Using a citation manager
  • Making a writing schedule and sticking to it
  • Bibliographies
  • Formatting
  • How to eliminate flabby writing, jargon, and omit unnecessary words
  • My opinions on fountain pens

Who are you people, anyways?

Learn more about Lisa and Katie!

See you Thursday!

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