I'm Lisa L Munro, PhD.

I believe that helping people understand themselves and the world around them in new ways using the power of compassion, critical thinking, and creativity can change the world for the better.

I help academics writers shape their stories in engaging and powerful ways. I provide academic editing services and writing coaching, as well as classes, workshops, webinars, and writing retreats. I help writers master the technical aspects of writing and support them in their individual emotional journeys through the writing process.

I also support people as they shape their own stories about their lives. I'm particularly interested in thinking about how we tell our new stories after trauma, transition, and dislocation. Telling our powerful stories in new ways creates space for us to heal and move forward. In the last year, I've focused on helping people think and feel through the difficult process of leaving academia.

In my own work, I'm passionate about thinking and writing about Latin America, history, archaeology, science, neoliberalism, critical thinking, writing, adoption, transitions, trauma, and career alternative for PhDs. Although trained as an academic historian, I'm a scholar-practitioner dedicated to using academic knowledge and critical thinking to help people solve real-world problems.

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2015 with a PhD in Latin American history. My research focused on how travelers, anthropologists, and others created stereotypes about Maya people in Guatemala in the 1930s. I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala from 2004-2006. My work there inspired a deep interest in how people tell their stories after the trauma of state sponsored violence.


PhD, History, University of Arizona, 2014

BA, History, Fort Lewis College, 2004


References available upon request

Photo Credit: AK Photography, Denver.

Photo Credit: AK Photography, Denver.


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"Lisa is a reliable and versatile thinker; the under-promoted skill-set that comes from long years of researching and thinking from within the humanities disciplines. I called her a midwife of ideas, because of her skill of reaching in and in a timely and effective way, helping you as you conjure, create, spill out an idea that you may have been guarding tightly for awhile. A service like this is rare and cannot be underestimated: Lisa is gifted at collaborating in the intimacy of an idea finding its way into the world. She will help to give them form with deft questioning and gentle concerns raised. It feels like an utter relief to have someone like her present at the birthing of an idea. I worked with her when creating a language teaching system. While there is still more to go, the days I spent with her sipping endless cups of tea and looking at the idea from different angles were memorable and important to me and to the project. I would recommend Lisa as an “idea midwife” for complex projects, and far-reaching visions; for organising the thoughts that go into a book, a project, or a plan of important and personal significance."  ---E.G., Language Educator