People are at the heart of everything I do. Through critical analysis of people's stories from the perspective of the present, I aim to create new understandings about the world around us. I believe in asking imaginative questions that challenge old assumptions about what we think we know and believe about people, ideas, social structures, authority, and the world. I’m always looking to connect people with ideas in order to generate practical solutions to some serious real-world problems. As a historian, I seek to tell new stories and re-tell old ones in new ways through writing, speaking, and teaching. Above all, I aspire to lead through a demonstration of my own commitment to engaged, creative inquiry.

I love collaborating with people to deepen our understandings of the human experience. In turn, I want to empower others to use their own unique strengths to challenge their own assumptions and inspire others to create innovative new ideas. I’m fascinated by thinking about how and why we think about the world around us and the possibilities of changing our thinking transform it. I value integrity, curiosity, creativity, cooperation, and compassion.

Searching for new opportunities!

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